The battle of Thermopylae

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Possibly, you have seen some impressive movies or you have read some exciting books about the historic Battle of Thermopylae.

But, have you really seen the very ground where it took place?

Do you really know how the area of the Phocian Wall looks like?

Have you ever seen the view from the top of the hill where the last Spartans were killed?

Or, what about the steaming water of the hot springs that gave Thermopylae half of its name?

Even the modern era statue of Leonidas has something to say when you have a close careful look.

On this web site you can find many pictures of the ancient battlefield area and the modern monuments. The photos are of amateur quality, but I think they adequately depict all of the above points.

In order to tell the story of the battle, I used text from related Wikipedia articles, which are offered under the GNU Free Documentation License. My purpose was to build on the Wikipedia text, presenting the information in a more attractive way and enriching it with visual material. I'm giving it back to the community under the same license. You can find a simple explanation of the license here.

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